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This AVI Converter for Mac works well as it is described: fast speed and high quality.

Lucas 2013.5.15

Convert video to Blackberry AVI

It can easily convert all I selected movies to Blackberry supported AVI video format. I like it.

Philip: 2013.5.13


Though the speed is not as I have expected, it is fast also. And the video quality is perfect.

Alice: 2013.5.4

Works for Xbox

I like watching movies on my Xbox. This AVI Converter for Mac helped me a lot. Nice software.

Jeff: 2013.4.12

high quality

The reason why I finally chose this AVI Converter for Mac after comparing with other similar software online is the converted AVI video kept the original video quality that others can't compete with.

Leigh: 2013.3.17

like it very much

I came across this software when I searched a video converter for PSP. I downloaded and had a try. It was easy to use and video converter quality is amazing. Then I paid it to be a full user so that I can use it all my life and enjoy the free upgrade of it.

Salvador: 2013.1.23

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