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Wonderful app!

I want to watch some movies on the subway, but my BlackBerry can’t support the FLV videos that I’ve downloaded from YouTube. With 4Videosoft Cell Phone Video Converter, I’m able to convert FLV files to MP4 or 3GP thus I can enjoy the movies anytime I want. You’re done a great job!

Amanda: 2013.05.02

Practical tool!

You can’t miss this practical video converter. It solves the incompatible video problem when I try to play some kind of videos on my cell phone. It performs very well so far. Love it!

Sarah: 2013.02.18


I’ve been using this cell phone video converter for a month. I have to say it’s the best converter I’ve ever used. It never fails and the converting speed is super fast. Fantastic app!

Nicole: 2013.01.12

Easy to use

I purchased it immediately when I tried it. It’s very easy to use for me even I have no much technology knowledge. Once you try it, you’ll know how excellent it is.

Richard: 2012.11.08


4Videosoft Cell Phone Video Converter is perfect to convert videos to cell phone compatible video formats. It’s highly recommended!

Daniel: 2012.05.23

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