How to Download Music from Pandora with or without Premium

Kelly SandsKelly Sands October 23, 2020 12:00 Record Audio

You can enjoy music and podcasts from Pandora for free. However, the Pandora offline listening feature is not free to use. You need to upgrade to Pandora Plus or Pandora Premium to download Pandora music. The latter Pandora Premium Family subscription offers more flexible options for Pandora music downloading. However, there are still some audio tracks in Pandora that are not downloadable. To download music from Pandora with or without subscription, you can do as the following paragraphs show.

Download Record Pandora MusicDownload Record Pandora Music

Part 1: How to Download Music from Pandora without Premium

This is the most recommended way to record and download music from Pandora on Windows and Mac. Even though you are a Pandora Free user, you can still use 4Videosoft Screen Capture to download Pandora songs, stations and playlists for offline playback. No quality loss or maximum time limit.

If your Pandora playlist has hundreds of songs, you can set a timer to record from Pandora. The Pandora downloader can start and stop recording music from Pandora automatically. Once the Pandora recording process ends, you can save it into MP3 and other formats.

4Videosoft Screen Capture
  • Record Pandora to get offline listening on any device permanently.
  • The recorded Pandora music will never expire or disappear.
  • Keep the original Pandora audio track without reducing quality.
  • Schedule Pandora recording tasks or use an audio trimmer to control the entire Pandora recording length smartly.
  • Save the recorded Pandora music into MP3, M4A, AAC and WMA formats.
  • Work on your Windows 10/8/7 and Mac computer.

Step 1Free download 4Videosoft Screen Capture on your computer. Launch the Pandora music downloader after the installation. Choose Audio Recorder to record music from Pandora.

Audio Recorder

Step 2Turn on System Sound and turn off Microphone. Thus, the Pandora downloader can record streaming audio from Pandora only.

Audio Microphone Sound

Step 3The default recorded audio format is MP3. You can click Settings and head to the Output sections to make changes. Just unfold the Audio Format and Audio Quality options. You can also set where to save Pandora music via Location of output files. Click OK to confirm.

Ouput Preferences

Step 4Play music on Pandora. Click REC to record Pandora music without Premium. Once you stop recording on Pandora, you can preview and trim it in the Preview window. At last, click Save to download music from Pandora to your computer losslessly.

Preview Audio

Part 2: How to Download Music from Pandora to MP3 for Free

If you are looking for a free Pandora downloader, you can consider 4Videosoft Free Online Audio Capture. It is 100% free and safe to use. You can download music from Pandora to MP3 online for free. It is a lightweight version of 4Videosoft Screen Capture. So you can record online music from Pandora, Spotify and other websites successfully. Though the other advanced features are restricted, unless you upgrade to the full version.

Step 1Visit the online Pandora downloader. Click Start Recording and install its launcher.

Step 2Trigger on System Sound only. Then click REC to download music from Pandora Free, Plus and Premium.

Step 3Pause and resume recording audio from Pandora. Click Stop to end up audio recording and save it to MP3 format directly. (Click here to convert MP3 to video)

Start Recording

Part 3: How to Download Music from Pandora to Your Phone

For Pandora Plus and Premium subscribers, you can download songs from Pandora to iPhone and Android here. This section will show you how to download Pandora songs for offline playback within your mobile phone.

Step 1Open the Pandora app. Find and play the Pandora song you want to download.

Step 2Go to its current playing interface. Then tap on a three-dot icon. It is on the right side of the song’s name.

Step 3Choose the Download icon. The downloaded Pandora song will be saved into My Collections folder by default.

Download Music From Pandora App

Part 4: FAQs of Downloading Pandora Music

  • Can you download podcasts from Pandora?

    Yes. Pandora doesn’t allow subscribers to download Pandora podcasts for offline listening. But you can use an audio recorder to grab streaming music from Pandora podcasts instead.

  • Can you download Pandora albums?

    Yes. There is a Download icon on the Pandora album art. Tap on it to save the entire album to your Pandora My Collections folder.

  • Can I play Pandora downloads with my MP3 player?

    No. Pandora music downloads are available within the Pandora app only. You cannot use any other third-party audio player to play or edit Pandora downloads.

  • Will Pandora downloads expire?

    Yes. Once you cancel Pandora, all your downloads, songs, albums and playlists will disappear.


These are workable ways to download music from Pandora for a period of time or permanently. If you are a Pandora Free or Pandora Plus subscriber, you can also download any song within Pandora successfully. Just use the audio recorder mentioned above. You can record and grab anything from Pandora to your mobile phone or computer. Even though some songs don’t have the Download button, you can still download Pandora for offline listening.

Well, it does not matter if you unsubscribe to Pandora. All your Pandora recorded music files are still available. You can play and edit Pandora songs, podcasts, albums and playlists freely. But don’t share or sell your Pandora records.