5 Efficient Methods to Record and Download Vimeo to MP3 with Ease

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What are the best methods to extract Vimeo video as MP3? There are dozens of video downloaders and screen recorders to acquire the videos from Vimeo to MP3. Of course, the online video downloader is an easy method to get the MP3 files, but it might not always work. If you cannot download the videos, you can also know how record from Vimeo with ease from the article.

Vimeo to MP3Vimeo to MP3

Part 1: 2 Efficient Methods to Record Vimeo Video to MP3

When you need to capture the Vimeo video as MP3 files, 4Videosoft Screen Capture is a versatile audio recorder to capture all onscreen activities, such as the online streaming video. You can tweak the audio and video settings, add annotation/mouse cursor/watermark, edit the recording, and even manage the files with ease.

4Videosoft Screen Capture
  • Record the online streaming videos, such as Vimeo, Facebook and more.
  • Tweak the audio codec, audio volume, audio channel and other settings.
  • Clip the desired part by trimming the start point and the end point easily.
  • Preview, edit, crop and manage the recording within the media library.

Step 1Download and install the Vimeo to MP3 downloader, you can launch the program on your computer. Go to the Audio Recorder menu to capture the audio file from online streaming sites. You can click the Gear icon to tweak the audio settings for the output audio.

Video Recorder

Step 2Enable the System Sound option and adjust audio volume to record the audio files from Vimeo and other online streaming sites. Of course, you should also disable the Microphone option to avoid noise from your computer during the recording process.

Start Recording Audio

Step 3After that, you can click the REC button to capture Vimeo to MP3. Once you have already recorded the desired files, you can trim the recording, rename the files, add to another folder, share to the social media sites, and even delete them with ease.

Preview Video

Method 2: How to Record Video from Vimeo to MP3 Online

Besides the professional screen recording method to record Vimeo to MP3, you can also use the online screen recorder to capture some simple Vimeo videos to MP3. Just learn more details about how to capture Vimeo on Mac and Windows as below.

Step 1Go to the Free Online Screen Recorder, you can click the Start Recording button to download the screen recorder installer. Then you launch the recorder menu to capture audio files from Vimeo.

Step 2Select the System Sound option to enable the Vimeo video to MP3 recording on your computer. After that, you can click the REC button to start the recording process.

Step 3When you have captured the desired audio from Vimeo, you can click the Stop button to save the recording to your computer, or even share to social media websites.

Online Screen Capture

Part 2: 3 Easy Methods to Download Videos from Vimeo to MP3

Method 3: How to Download Vimeo to MP3, FLAC and M4A Online

To capture Vimeo video to MP3, FLAC, M4A and more other files, Vimeo Download is a desired free online media conversion application. It allows you to record, convert, and even download nearly any audio or video URL link to common formats.

Step 1Copy the Vimeo URL from your browser and paste the link URL next to the Vimeo Download button. After that, you can click the button to detect the videos online.

Step 2Select the desired format, such as MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC and more other audio format. The default settings are the best settings for converting Vimeo to MP3.

Step 3Press the Download button at the bottom to start the Vimeo to MP3 conversion. It might take several minutes. After the conversion is finished, you can download the converted file.

Viemo Download

Method 4: How to Extract Vimeo to MP3 Online via MP3CYBORG

If you need to download Vimeo to MP3 online directly, MP3CYBORG enables you to convert video from Vimeo, YouTube, DailyMotion and more other online streaming sites to MP3 audio files. Just learn more details about the process to convert Vimeo videos to MP3.

Step 1Once you have located the Vimeo videos you want to download, you can copy the URL of the video. Paste the URL of the video into the column within MP3CYBORG.

Step 2Click the orange Convert Video to MP3 button to detect the videos. When it is ready, you can click the DOWNLOAD YOUR MP3 button to convert videos from Vimeo to MP3 directly.

Method 5: How to Download Vimeo to MP3 Online with Vimeo Downloader

Vimeo Downloader is an online Vimeo to MP3 downloader, which you can extract the videos from Vimeo and convert them to MP3 format. Of course, you can also download the videos, or even share them to social media websites within clicks.

Step 1Open Google Chrome and locate the desired Vimeo video you want to extract. Then press the Ctrl + C to copy the desired video link from Vimeo into a clipboard.

Step 2Paste the video URL into the column and click the SUBMIT button to extract the Vimeo video as MP4 format. You can click the convert to MP3 option to save Vimeo to MP3.

Step 3After that, you can click the Download MP3 option to download the audio files to your computer. You can also click the Share button to send the files to social media websites.

Viemo Downloader

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Part 3: FAQs about How to Download Vimeo to MP3

  • 1. Why Can’t Download Vimeo to MP3 Online?

    Vimeo updates the algorithm frequently to protect the copyright of the original video uploaded to Vimeo and avoid any detection. If you simply paste the URL of the Vimeo videos into the online video downloaders, you might not able to download Vimeo to MP3 directly.

  • 2. How to Adjust Audio Volume for Recording Vimeo to MP3?

    From the Control Panel on your computer, you can click the Hardware and Sound option. Click the Adjust System Volume link under the Sound option to display the Volume Mixer dialog box. Move the Device slider to adjust the system’s speaker volume for recording Vimeo to MP3.

  • 3. How to Fix Recording Vimeo to MP3 Not Working?

    Just follow the similar method to go to the Hardware and Sound option, you can choose the Sound option and under the Recording devices tab, right click anywhere and select both the Show Disabled Devices option and the Show Disconnected Devices option to select multiple devices.


When you want to acquire Vimeo video to MP3, you can learn more about the 5 most efficient methods from the article. Of course, the online Vimeo to MP3 downloaders are easy methods to extract the online streaming video to MP3, but not always work for you. If you need to capture the videos without problem, 4Videosoft Screen Capture is always the best choice you can take into consideration.