Viki TV Drama Downloader – How to Download Viki Videos with Subtitles Offline

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How do you download the Korean drama videos from Viki? Different from the other popular online streaming sites, Viki has thousands of shows and movies from around the world. It should be difficult to find an online video downloader to download Viki videos directly. Here are 4 most efficient methods you should know to acquire the videos with ease.

Download Record Viki VideosDownload Record Viki Videos

Part 1: The Ultimate Method to Download Viki Videos with Subtitle

4Videosoft Screen Capture is a versatile screen recorder to capture and download Viki videos without any limitation. It enables you to tweak the video and audio settings, add annotation/mouse cursor/watermark/shapes, draw on the screencast, edit the recording files, and even manage the recorded Viki videos with ease.

4Videosoft Screen Capture
  • Capture screen videos, microphone voice, system audio and snapshots.
  • Tweak the frame rate, sample rate, video quality and more other settings.
  • Add annotations, watermark, callouts, lines, shapes, arrow and others.
  • Edit, preview and manage the recorded Viki videos with the subtitles.

Step 1Download and install the Viki video capturer, you can launch the program on your computer. Go to the Video Recorder menu to capture the Viki videos. If you need to tweak the frame rate, video format, audio setting and more others, you can click the Gear icon.

Video Recorder

Step 2Select the Custom option to adjust the recording area for the Viki area. Enable the System Sound option and adjust the audio volume to capture Viki videos with audio. Of course, you should disable the Microphone option to avoid the noise from your computer.

Customize Audio Settings

Step 3After that, you can click the REC button before playback the Viki videos online. During the recording Viki video process, you can also add annotations, watermark, callouts and more others. Moreover, you can capture a screenshot with the Camera icon.

Border Line Arrows

Step 4To edit the recording, you can trim the video with the start and the end point to extract the desired part. You can also adjust the audio volume and have another record for the Viki video. When you head to the Recording History option to manage the videos with ease.

All Recorded Files

Part 2: How to Download Viki Videos Online with Ease

Is there an online method to download Viki videos? To download the videos from Viki, you should choose the Viki Downloader of Downloadvideofrom. It enables you to save the Korean and Chinese dramas as MP3, MP4 or HD MP4 to your computer with ease.

Step 1Go to the Viki drama video you would like to download. Copy the video URL, come back to online Viki downloader, enter the URL into the download box and press the Enter button.

Step 2Click the Download MP4 button to detect the video, and choose the Right click here and choose save link as button to download the Viki video to your computer.

Dowload Viki Videos Online

Part 3: How to Download Viki Videos with Browser Extension

When you need to extract videos from any online streaming sites with ease, Video DownloadHelper is another efficient method to detect and download Viki videos within a Chrome plugin. Just learn more details about the process as below.

Step 1Go to the Chrome Store to search and download the add-on for Video DownloadHelper. Once you have installed the Viki video downloader, you can find the plugin icon in the upper right corner.

Step 2When you head to the Viki video, you click the icon to detect the video automatically, then you can choose a desired format from the list of media files to download Viki videos.

Step 3Once you have saved the Viki drama videos, you can sync the drama videos to your smartphone and computer. Now, you can enjoy the movies within any device everywhere.

Chrome Video Downloadhelp

Part 4: How to Download Viki Videos on Smartphone

InsTube is a video downloader app for Android, which enables you to extract the movies from most of the online streaming sites, including dramas from Viki. Once you have installed the Viki video downloader, you can get the desired video with the following process.

Step 1Once you have installed the InsTube, you can launch it on your Android. Go to a Viki video that you want to download and tap the Download button to extract the videos.

Step 2After that, you can choose M4A or MP3 at the top of the drop-down menu. Then you can select a desired video quality to begin downloading Viki videos onto your Android.

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Part 5: Tips about How to Download Viki Videos

  • 1. How to Download Subtitles for Viki Dramas?

    When you capture the videos, you can always get the desired subtitle for a Viki video, but download Viki vidoe is another story. enables you to extract subtitles via a straightforward user interface and within just a few clicks you'll have your subtitle file in SRT format.

  • 2. Can I Add Subtitles to Downloaded Viki Videos?

    Once you have downloaded the Viki video and extract the subtitle in SRT format, you can add the SRT in video while watching video. Just click on add subtitles and browse to current downloaded SRT file or rename the file and put both of them in the same directory.

  • 3. Will You Choose Premium to Download Viki Video?

    As for the premium version, you can enjoy all the Viki Pass Plus Premium content for free within super high quality. The annoyed ads will no longer available because there are no ads placed in the Viki Pass Plus Premium. Moreover, you can also download the Viki videos.


If you need to download Viki videos offline, you can learn more details about the methods from the article. Whether you need to capture the videos online, or record the drama files on a smartphone, you can always find a suitable method from the article.