How to Download and Capture Dubbed Anime – The Ultimate Method You Should Know

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How to download dubbed anime series? When you want to want to get the desired dubbed anime movies, you should know the anime sites to watch the dubbed anime streaming online. Whether you need to download the anime movies with ease, or capture the videos in the original quality, you can learn more about the ultimate guide about dubbed anime downloading from the article now.

Dubbed Anime DownloadDubbed Anime Download

Part 1: 4 Best Anime Sites to Watch Dubbed Anime Streaming Online

Top 1:

9anime is another popular dubbed anime streaming site, which enables you to watch the latest anime in high definition, but you cannot download dubbed anime. You can search the desired anime by rate, genre, type, score and more other information. Moreover, you can watch anime on the go with a nice designed UI with a grid of available titles.


Top 2: Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll has a wide collection of the latest anime videos, which supports different video qualities, including 360P, 720P, 1080P, and 4K. You have to upgrade to the premium paid plans for an ADs-free watching experience. The dubbed anime videos available on this platform are categorized into different categories.


Top 3:

Animedao is more than an online streaming site to watch the dubbed anime videos, but also consists of a comprehensive list of anime series that one can download instantly. Every hour anime is being uploaded on this website. Moreover, you can also select any title and choose the desired option to download dubbed anime videos.


Top 4: Gogoanime TV

GoGoAnime TV includes tons of collection from manga series to anime films. It provides the dubbed anime episodes and available cartoon clips in English with a very attractive and user-friendly interface. You can also watch different genres of dubbed anime videos, including comedy, magic, sports, movies, adventure, and more others.


Part 2: How to Download Dubbed Anime Streaming Online

Besides the default method to download dubbed anime videos from the online streaming, is there a method to extract the videos online? One-Click Video Downloader is a lightweight dubbed anime downloader utility that detects and downloads the anime videos within your browser.

Step 1Download and install the One-Click Video Downloader Chrome plugin on your browser, there is a small icon in the upper left corner of the browser. You can go to the desired anime video webpage, if possible, you should register to make sure the video files are playback.

Step 2After that, you can also click the icon to detect the anime video. It takes a few seconds to get the different options, such as the video quality, output size and more others. It also provides the copy link, popup and download options.

Step 3Now you can click on the Download button to download dubbed anime videos with the desired resolution. Then you can extract the video files from the online streaming sites to your hard drive with the selected video quality as desired.

One Click Video Downloader

Part 3: How to Capture Dubbed Anime Streaming Online

What should you do if you cannot download dubbed anime videos? Because the copyright restriction, you might not able to get the videos, even for the plugins for Chrome. 4Videosoft Screen Capture is a 100% workable method to capture dubbed anime movies. It enables you to capture onscreen activities, tweak the video/audio settings, add annotation/shapes/watermarks, or even manage the recording dubbed anime files.

4Videosoft Screen Capture
  • Capture dubbed anime video with audio files in the original quality.
  • Tweak the frame rate, FPS, video/audio quality and more others.
  • Add annotation, shapes, watermark, lines, and callouts with desired color.
  • Manage the recorded dubbed anime video, like play, delete and share.

Step 1Download and install the dubbed anime capture program, you can launch it on your computer. Go to the dubbed anime online streaming site, you can make sure the video is playback. Click the Video Recorder menu to capture the desired videos.

Video Recorder

Step 2To tweak the video settings, you can click on the Gear icon and go to the Output option. It enables you to choose the video quality, audio quality, photo format, frame rate, FPS, or even add mouse cursor when recording the dubbed anime movies.

Output Preferences

Step 3Moreover, you can also enable the System Sound option to capture the dubbed anime video with audio. Of course, you can also add commentary with the Microphone option and the Webcam option before clicking the REC button accordingly.

Start Recording

Step 4Once you have recorded the desired anime video, you can click the Stop button and save it to your hard drive. Moreover, it also provides the editing feature to trim the desired part, or even manage the recorded file within the program directly.

Preview Video

Part 4: FAQs about Dubbed Anime Streaming Downloading

  • 1. Why You Cannot Get Dubbed Anime Streaming from Hulu?

    When you go abroad, you might find the dubbed anime movies from Hulu are not available. But anime movie website is not accessible all over the world. There is no difficulty for access in the US, UK, Europe and a few countries of Asia. It is the reason that you might capture or download dubbed anime streaming from Hulu with a VPN service instead.

  • 2. Is There a Dubbed Anime Downloader to Capture Videos?

    If you have already searched for an anime downloader, just as the YouTube downloader, you might not find a suitable result. Because the copyright protection, special codec algorithm and more other factors, there is no vide downloader designed for downloading dubbed anime streaming videos. It is the reason you have to choose the screen capture instead.

  • 3. How to Capture Dubbed Anime Video with the Best Quality?

    Make sure you capture the anime videos with the original video quality. You should buff the videos to ensure the videos are playback in the desired resolution. Of course, you should choose the video quality and have a great Wi-Fi environment as well.


When you need to download dubbed anime movies, you can learn more details from the ultimate guide. Just search for the desired file from the listed websites, then use the video download to extract the anime movies, or even the screen recorder to capture the desired videos.