Facebook Video Call Recorder – How to Record Facebook Video Calls on Different Devices

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How to record Facebook video calls, chat and conversation? Facebook is one the most important social media networks to connect you with your friends around the world. When you want to capture some important information from Facebook, what are the best Facebook video recorders? Here are the 3 best methods to record Facebook videos. Just learn more details about the process, as well as the useful tips from the article now.

Record Facebook Video CallRecord Facebook Video Call

Part 1: Best Method to Record Facebook Video Calls on PC/Mac

Whether you need to record Facebook video calls with a high quality, adjust the video and audio settings, or even manage the recorded Facebook chats with ease, 4Videosoft Screen Capture is a versatile Facebook chat recorder you can take into consideration. It also enables you to tweak the video and audio settings, add annotations/shapes/watermark, or even edit the recording files with ease.

4Videosoft Screen Capture
  • Record Facebook video, messenger, chat video and more others easily.
  • Tweak the video quality, audio quality, frame rate, video code and more.
  • Add annotations, lines, shapes, watermarks, callouts and other elements.
  • Manage the recorded Facebook videos, view, delete, share, edit, etc.

Step 1Free download video call recorder for Facebook, you can launch the program on your computer after installation. When you want to record a high quality video for Facebook video calls, go to the Video Recorder menu and choose the Gear icon to select the High as the Video Quality.

Video Recorder

Step 2Go back to the home interface, you can click the Custom option and customize the area for recording Facebook videos. Moreover, you can also enable the Microphone menu to add the audio files and the Webcam menu to add the webcam footage for the recording Facebook video calls.

Custom Audio Settings

Step 3Once you are satisfied with the recording settings, you can click the REC button to record Facebook video calls, chat and more others on your computer. Moreover, you can also add annotations, watermarks, lines and more other elements or take screenshots with the Camera icon.

Start Recording

Step 4When you get the desired recorded Facebook video calls, you can clip the video by inputting the start time and the end time. If you are not satisfied with the recording, you can click the Re-Record button, or click the Save button to set the save path and show all recorded files.

All Record Files

Part 2: How to Capture Facebook Video Calls on An Android

AZ Screen Recorder is a versatile and free Facebook video call recorder that enables you to record incoming calls. You can also add your own watermark on your recorded video, enable front camera, record GIF files, show touches and more others.

Step 1Once you have installed Du Screen Recorder from Google Play Store. You will get a floating orange-circled icon from the Android screen side to record the Facebook video call.

Step 2Click on the Record option from the floating icon. Then you can go to the Settings menu by tapping on the Gear icon to tweak the video resolution, FPS, record audio and more others.

Step 3Open the Facebook you or navigate to the screen you want to record. Tap the red camera shutter icon in the A-Z overlay to record the incoming calls from Facebook with ease.

AZ Screen

Check other voice recorder for Windows and Mac here.

Part 3: How to Record Facebook Video on An iPhone/iPad

When you want to record Facebook video calls on an iPhone or iPad, you can simply take advantage of the iOS screen-recording feature. Just enable the feature within the Control Center and record the desired Facebook video call with the following process.

Step 1Go to the Settings app on your iPhone, you can select the Control Center option and tap the Customize Control option. After that, you can tap the Green plus icon next to the Screen Recording option.

Step 2Swipe down from the upper-right corner of the screen with iOS 12 or above, press deeply on the Record button and tap on the Microphone icon. You can tap the Start Recording button to record Facebook video calls.

Step 3 It will record the video calls after three-second countdown. When you get the desired video, you can tap the Stop button from the Control Center to save the recorded Facebook videos to the Photos of your iOS device.

IOS11 Screen

Part 4: FAQs about How to Record Facebook Video Calls

  • 1. Is It Legal to Record Facebook Video Conversation?

    Before recording Facebook video calls, you should also have to inform the other party of the recording of the conversation. Be aware that in some countries, case law allows a telephone conversation to be recorded for possible use as evidence, but it must be in accordance with your dispute and must not infringe on fundamental rights and freedoms.

  • 2. Does Facebook Messenger Record Video Automatically?

    Yes. Facebook Messenger has a video recording feature that allows you to send video clips to your friends. It enables you to record the video clips from both the rear and a front camera on your iPhone or Android phone. Once the clip is recorded, it is automatically sent to the other user.

  • 3. Which Should Be the Best Facebook Video Recorder?

    If you just need to record some simple videos, which you do not have to take the RAM storage, Wi-Fi connection and other factors into consideration. You can simply record Facebook video calls with the default iOS screen recording or a screen recorder app. When you need to capture videos with high quality, 4Videosoft Screen Capture is always the best choice.


When you want to record Facebook video calls, chat, messenger and more other important information, you can learn more about the 3 frequently used methods from the article. To capture the video calls of Facebook with a high quality, 4Videosoft Screen Capture is a versatile screen recorder you can take into consideration.