Record Live TV Shows – 3 Best Methods to Capture Live Streaming Videos

Kelly SandsKelly Sands September 18, 2020 14:00 Record Video

When you want to record Live TV shows without a DVR box, or high priced cable subscription, it should be difficult to catch up on the schedule of the live streaming TV shows. To capture the desired TV shows and streaming video with the original quality, here are 3 best Live TV show recorders you should take into consideration. Just learn more details about the process and choose the desired one accordingly.

Record Live TVRecord Live TV

Part 1: How to Record Live TV Videos on Windows/Mac

To record live TV shows with the original quality, you can simply mirror TV screen to display on a Windows computer with the default Miracast feature. Of course, you can also take advantage of the HDMI or RGB instead. Once you have mirrored the TV shows to a computer, what is the best live TV show recorder to capture the desired files?

4Videosoft Screen Capture is a versatile live TV show recorder that captures onscreen activities, such as the mirrored TV screen, system sound, webcam footage and microphone audio. Moreover, you can also tweak the video and audio settings, add annotations/watermarks/shapes, edit the recorded video files and even manage the files with ease.

4Videosoft Screen Capture
  • Capture the mirror TV shows and movies with the original video quality.
  • Tweak the frame rate, FPS, video quality, audio codec and audio volume.
  • Add annotations, shapes, watermarks, lines, callouts and more elements.
  • Manage the recorded TV shows, such as view, delete, and share to others.

Step 1Download and install the TV show recorder, then you can launch the program on your computer. After that, you can mirror the TV to your computer with a suitable method. Go to the Video Recorder menu and choose the Custom option to select the TV screen as the recording area.

Video Recorder

Step 2When you want to tweak the video format, FPS, frame rate and more other audio and video settings. You can click the Gear icon to get the desired output format. Moreover, you can also add mouse cursor, tweak the recording hotkeys, and even enable the hardware acceleration.

Output Preferences

Step 3To capture a live TV shows with a detailed schedule, you can click the Task Schedule option. You can add new tasks and edit the settings, such as set the time of the beginning, record length and frequency, etc. It will record automatically for you according to the settings.

Edit Task Schedule

Step 4Once you have clicked on the REC button to record the mirrored TV screen, you can get the desired TV shows and videos. When you click on the Stop button, you can trim the recorded file, adjust the volume, or even manage the output video within the Media Library.

All Recorded Files

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Part 2: How to Capture Live TV Shows with USB Recording

When you have a smart TV with a USB cable, you can connect a USB drive to your TV for recording liv TV shows without additional software. But there are some limitations, such as choosing the video quality for recording and the additional source of power for the USB drive.

Step 1If you connect the USB memory to the port marked HDD IN of a smart TV. You can simply skip message if there is a security system will be created to prevent the user from violating content rights.

Step 2Press the Record button on your smart TV with the remote control. When the television prompts about scanning the connected USB drive for performance, select the Proceed button to continue.

Step 3It might take about 30-45 seconds to start recording the Live TV shows on the smart TV automatically. Just make sure the USB storage is found and error-free.

Record TV Shows USB

Part 3: How to Record Live TV Videos with PVR

PVR stands for personal video recorder that enables you to personally select any TV show and record it to watch later. It is able to record live TV movies from cable TVs with ease. PVR is able to select shows and programs based on your personal preference.

Step 1You need to enable the PVR function on the smart TV and format your storage disk by using FAT32 or NTFS formatting of the external hard drive for recording the live TV shows.

Step 2After that, you can choose one of recording options from Electronic Program Guide and PVR or T.Shift. Just press the v button and select the PVR before you press the recording button.

Step 3Once you have captured the desired videos, you can click the Stop button to save the recorded live TV shows with PVR extension. Then you can play the media file with a media player.

PVR Recording TV Shows

Part 4: FAQs about Recording Live TV Shows

  • 1. Is There An Economic Method to Record Live TV Shows with DVR?

    Mediasonic’s DVR is an economic method to record Live TV shows. You can record live TV and program it ahead of time, but you’re limited to recording one show at a time. Moreover, you need a USB flash drive because the DRV service does not provide any built-in storage.

  • 2. Can I Use PVR to Record Live TV Videos as DVR Alternative?

    PVR emphasizes on the personal aspect while DVR emphasizes the digital nature. Both are basically referring to the same product to record live TV shows and videos, but PVR has become largely obsolete and is rarely used in favor of DVR.

  • 3. What are the Recommended DVR Services for Recording Live TV Shows?

    TiVo Roamio offers the best all-in-one DVR service that you can access to the recordings, apps like Netflix and a unified search with US$400.00. Just as mentioned above, Mediasonic’s DVR costs just US$35.00 on Amazon with no extra subscription fees. Of course, you can also use Plex DVR and Table DUAL OTA DVR instead.


When you want to record live TV shows without a DVR service, here are 3 most frequently used methods you can take into consideration. Of course, you can also learn more about some economic DVR services to capture TV videos from your smart TV. To capture the video with the original quality, you can take advantage of the time schedule and advanced recording features of 4Videosoft Screen Capture instead.