Recover Text From Android

Recover deleted contacts, text messages, call log from Android phones

Want to know how to recover deleted files on Android devices? This Android Data Recovery tells you the answer. With it, you are able to get the incautiously deleted contacts, messages, messaging attachment, WhatsApp messages and call history back to your Android phone, tablet and SD cards. These files are the most important ones for Android users. And now, no more worry about losing these vital data again.

Recover Media From Android

Recover deleted photos, pictures, music, videos and other media file

You must have many media files on your Android phone, tablet and SD cards, and it is difficult to find them back once you deleted them. So for meeting Android users' needs, this Android data recovery achieve the function to retrieve the photos, pictures, videos and any audio including music and voice memos on your Android phone. You are able to preview the full size of pictures with this software and select which one you want to get back to your Android devices.

Recover Document From Android

Retrieve Word/Excel/TXT/PPT/PDF, etc. to Android devices

With the rapid development of mobile phone, almost all phones on the market support Word, Excel, TXT and other office tools, so people are more likely to finish their work with phone. Lost your important Word contents? Don't worry! Android Data Recovery as the best first-aid software can do you a great favor at this moment. With only one click, you can get everything you want back.

Support the Android Devices

Support the latest Android devices and the Android Operating System

Another advantage of this Android Data Recovery is that it supports recovering data from a number of Android phones, such as Samsung, LG, HTC, MOTO, Google, even the latest popular Samsung S6, LG G3, Sony Xperia Z3 can be included. In addition, it supports all popular Android system, from Android 2.3 to the latest 7.1.2.

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Wonderful! This is an amazing app. I can't imagine that this android data recovery can get my lost contacts back! All contacts are in my Samsung phone again. By JesseStar

This Android Data Recovery read my data on my Android phone. Amazing! My contacts come back again. Thanks!By KimStar

I even don't know that there exists such thing like Android Data Recovery! I lost my important messaging attachment on my Samsung S4, my colleague recommended this software to me, and it works on my computer! Great! By GaryStar

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