Play Blu-ray disc

Play Blu-ray disc/folder/ISO files on your computer

Blu-ray Player can play Blu-ray discs, Blu-ray folders and ISO files on PC so that you can watch the favorite Blu-ray movies anytime at home. To fully meet your needs, this Blu-ray player also has the ability to play Blu-ray discs by selecting the specific chapter or title of the Blu-ray movie.

Play any video format

Play any video format (4k/1080p/1080i included)

Blu-ray Player enables users to play all the popular video movies on PC, including the video of MP4, WMV, AVI, AVC, MTS, MKV, MXF, AVCHD, MPEG, etc. Moreover, this amazing Blu-ray movie player provides the wonderful solution to play the 1080p HD video with excellent quality. Also it can help you get the 1080P HD video effect even you are playing the 1080i video.

Lossless sound effect

Lossless sound effect as well as HD image quality

With Blu-ray player, you are able to fully enjoy HD entertainment on Blu-ray disc. This amazing Blu-ray Player software ensures you hear every nuance of Blu-ray movies without any loss of quality. Blu-ray Player software aims to give you a wonderful home theater experience with lossless sound effect as well as perfect image quality.

Easy and efficient

Easy and efficient Blu-ray player

Blu-ray Player tries to make your Blu-ray playing as easy as possible with multiple features. You can play the specific title or chapters of the source Blu-ray movies. Also you can choose audio track, video track and subtitle track, and set audio channel and audio device. There are three playback modes (half size, normal size, double size) are available for you to choose the one fit your screen. When you play the Blu-ray or video movie, you can take snapshot of the movie scene you like.

Play Playlist

Create, Manage and Play Playlist

Blu-ray Player gives you more eases to manage your playback. It is capable of creating your playlist for Blu-ray files, DVD movies, and other digital video and audio files. Every time, you open this software, all the playlists are available for you to pick up. You can find the video you need from the massive video or music library on this computer.

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Blu-ray Player is the most powerful yet easy-to-use video playing software. It supports basically all video formats, including HD video and Blu-ray movies. It really makes your videos more enjoyable.By – SuzanStar

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