Android Data Recovery FAQ for You to Solve the Problems

  • Q: My Android Device's connected, but cannot be detected, why?
  • A: There are 3 protocols when you connect your Android phone to computer. They are: MTP, PTP and USB Mass Storage. If your device is not detected, please try with another two modes. As to the differences of these transfer protocols, you can refer to the following:
  • MTP: MTP stands for "Media Transfer Protocol." When you choose this mode, your Android device will prompt to your computer as a "media device." The media transfer protocol is a standardized protocol for transferring audio files to digital music players via Windows Media Player or similar applications.
  • PTP: PTP is short for "Picture Transfer Protocol." When you choose this protocol, your device will prompt as a digital camera.
  • USB Mass Storage: USB mass storage is the standard protocol used by flash drives, external hard drives, SD cards, and other USB storage devices. Under this mode, the external drives will become completely available to the computer, just as if it were an internal drive.
  • If the device still can't be connected successfully after operations above, please contact our support at