DIY: Root LG Android Phone Tablets with Steps

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1 How to Root LG Android Phones on Windows computer

Root LG phones with Stump Root (Android 4.4 earlier)

Root LG phones with iRoot (Android 4.4 and later)

Have you ever been troubled by the small space on LG Android phone? Do you want to remove useless or less-frequently used APPs from your LG mobile? Yes, most of us have been bothered by the built-in APPs on Android phone, and want to drag them out of mobiles. But we cannot delete or uninstall them like other downloaded APPs, what we can do is to root Android. Fortunately, with the help of rooting APPs for Android in the market, rooting LG phone becomes easier than before. The following steps will guide you how to root your LG Android devices.

Root LG device with Stump Root

Before starting to root LG phone, you need to download an APK on your computer, "Stump Root APK", which is easy and safe to operate for Android rooting. Stump Root applies to Android 4.4 and earlier versions, not including Android 4.4.

1. On your LG phone, tab "Settings" – "Security", and tick "Unknown sources" to make sure your LG phone can install "Stump Root APK" successfully in the next steps.

2. Connect phone to computer, and copy "Stump Root APK" to your phone.

(Note: When you plug your phone into computer, slide down taskbar to and hit "Media device (MTP)".)

Rooting Android LG phone Select media device

3. On your LG phone, open "File Manager" to find the copied "Stump Root APK". Click it, and then install it on your phone.

File manager

4. After installing it successfully, click "Open" to go into interface of rooting Android phone.

Minutes later, you will get a note to restart your device to complete the process of rooting your Android phone. After that, your LG phone will be rooted, and you can uninstall any APPs as you want.

Install Stump root

5. In the Stump root interface. Click "Grind" to root Android device.

Root your LG with Stump

Root LG Android device with iRoot

iRoot is a reputable rooting tool, which can help you root LG devices running Android 4.4 and higher versions, including Android 4.4. It has PC version and APK version. The followings are the steps to root LG Android device with iRoot.

Root LG with iRoot on computer

1. Download and install iRoot for PC on your computer.

2. Launch iRoot for PC, and connect LG device to computer via USB cable. Click the button of "Connect" in the software interface.

Connect Phone

3. After the program recognizes your LG device, click "Root" and wait till the rooting process is completed.

Root LG with iRoot

Root LG with iRoot APK

iRoot has APK version for you to root Android device without using computer.

1. Download and install iRoot APK on your LG device.

2. Launch iRoot on your LG, and click the button of "Get Root access" to begin rooting. Wait minutes for the completion. After that, your LG device will be root and reboot automatically.

Root Android

2 How to Root LG Android Phones on Mac computer

Root LG phones with Stump Root on Mac (Android 4.4 earlier)

Root LG phones with iRoot on Mac (Android 4.4 and later)

Root LG with Stump Root for Android 4.4 before on Mac

For Mac users, there's few reliable and safe root tool on the market up to now. To ensure the security of your data, we highly recommend you to root your Android device 4.4 before on Windows first before scanning and recovering data on Mac.

Root LG with iRoot for Android 4.4 or later on Mac (include Android 4.4)

For Mac users, there are few reliable tools for rooting by now. So if any needs to root your Android phone on Mac computer, we highly recommend you to root phones on Windows computer first.

Root your LG
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