Blu-ray to WMV Ripper Tutorial

It's impossible to enjoy the Blu-ray movies without an inner or external Blu-ray drive. However, Blu-ray to WMV Ripper makes it possible. With this best Blu-ray to WMV Ripper, you're entitled to convert Blu-ray movies to WMV videos with no limitation. What's more, it's pretty easy to convert any DVD and video file to WMV video. Also, the multiple creative video editing functions will guarantee you an ideal video effect. This article will show you how to get WMV videos from Blu-ray disc.

1 How to rip Blu-ray/DVD movie to WMV video

Step 1: Load Blu-ray/DVD disc to the program

Click "Load Disc" button and load the Blu-ray or DVD disc that you want to convert to WMV format. Or select "Load BD Folder" or "Load DVD Folder" item from "Load Disc" drop-down list.

load Blu-ray

Step 2: Choose output format

With this Blu-ray to WMV Converter, you can convert Blu-ray/DVD movies to WMV, WebM, MOV, etc. Click the drop-down arrow right beside the "Profile" Column, and choose your desired video/audio format from the drop-down list.

Choose output profile

Step 3: Rip Blu-ray/DVD to WMV

Click the "Convert" button to start to convert Blu-ray to WMV videos. In a short while, you're able to enjoy the converted video files on multiple portable devices. The best video quality will greatly enrich your media life.

2 How to convert videos to WMV video

Step 1: Add video files to the program

Click "Add File" button to add video files to the program. In the "Select Video File" window, please select the video files that you want to convert to WMV file.

Add video files

Step 2: Set the output format

In the "Profile" drop-down list, please choose your needed video/audio format in the drop-down list.

Step 3: Edit the video (optional)

With versatile Blu-ray to WMV Converter, you're able to customize the video with multiple video editing functions like Effect, Trim, Crop and Watermark. These functions will totally fulfill your demand to get a prefect video effect.

adjust the video effect

Step 4: Convert videos to WMV

Click "Convert" button to start to convert videos to WMV. It supports batch conversion, so you can get multiple different video files at one time.

Conversion process
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