Upscale Resolution

Upscale lower video resolution to higher video resolution

As an alternative to video resolution enhancer, it does a great favor to improve video quality by enhancing video resolution. If you download an online blurry 360p video from YouTube, then you are fortunate to improve video quality with the help of this video enhancer. It can convert your lower resolution video to higher resolution. Convert SD video to get a superb HD video quality, even 4k video is highly supported. You can easily enjoy a super clear screen in your Mac.

Optimize Brightness and Contrast

Optimize brightness and contrast automatically

This video enhancing software helps adjust your video brightness and contrast with one click. If you record a video in the dim light or download a dark color video with rough making, the whole scene makes you feel cloyed. You can load this video to adjust its brightness and contrast. This function helps to optimize brightness and contrast automatically. Without professional knowledge, you still can get a light and clear video with one simple click.

Remove Video Noise

Remove video noise to clean you screen

Have you been disturbed by the dirt-like dots in your screen? Those dots or snow are called video noise. If a video is recorded without enough light exposure or a video is stored with a large compression ratio, the dots will display in the video. Especially for HD video, the noise in it will be obvious. At this point, it works as more than video noise reduction software, but a noise removal tool to remove noise from video. You can clean your video screen to be more enjoyable.

Reduce Video Shaking

Reduce video shaking

When you move quickly to record a video, or you record a video with handheld device in a shaking situation, like in the plane or on board, you will find the video shake when you play it in your computer. Such shaking videos are very common in your local disk or the internet. Mac Video Enhancement is able to reduce the video shaking by compensating global motion to move whole frame by some correction vector.


Rotate/clip/crop/watermark to edit video effects

This video enhancement serves to allow you to edit your video effects with optional editing functions. For sideways video, you can rotate it at 90 degrees interval and flip it vertically or horizontally. You are also capable of clipping video and merge clips to get a synthetic video. Also you could get rid of the unwanted letter box by cropping. It can be a video audio enhancer to let you adjust video and audio effects manually. You can also add watermark to create your own video to upload YouTube.

Download for Mac

This Tutorial gets you start quickly.

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I love this video enhancement software. It lets me rotate my sideways recorded video to correct angle. And the blurry dark color image in the video becomes clear and light. Really wonderful. The best video enhancement software I have ever used.By Jack

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