Match CSV Information while importing CSV Contacts

When you import the local ".csv file" to device, the program will open the "Information" window as follows for you to match the Contacts info.

Import CSV Contacts

Here users can match the Contacts information between the imported ".csv file" and device.

The leftmost "csv" list is the imported ".csv file" items, and the rightmost "device" list is the device items. The middle "device" list is the device items that has been matched to imported ".csv file" items automatically. The checked options are the matched items between imported ".csv file" and device. If the option is not checked, users need to match the item by dragging the correct item from the rightmost "device" list to the corresponding place of middle "device" list.

If you think the matched item is inaccurate, you can drag the accurate items from the rightmost "device" list and drop it to the corresponding place of middle "device" list.

After all the item information are matched accurately, just click the "OK" button to finish the CSV Contacts importing.

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