Brings you 6X Faster Speed With NVIDIA® CUDA™ Technology

4Videosoft has employed the newest NVIDIA® CUDATM technology, which can change the converting speed to be 6X faster than ever before.


What is CUDA?

CUDA is NVIDIA's parallel computing architecture that enables dramatic increases in computing performance by harnessing the power of the GPU (graphics processing unit).
With millions of CUDA-enabled GPUs sold to date, software developers, scientists and researchers are finding broad-ranging uses for CUDA, including image and video processing, computational biology and chemistry, fluid dynamics simulation, CT image reconstruction, seismic analysis, ray tracing, and much more.

The Advantages of CUDA

* Scattered reads – code can read from arbitrary addresses in memory.

* Shared memory – CUDA exposes a fast shared memory region (up to 48KB in size) that can be shared amongst threads. This can be used as a user-managed cache, enabling higher bandwidth than is possible using texture lookups.

* Faster downloads and readbacks to and from the GPU

* Full support for integer and bitwise operations, including integer texture lookups.

The graphic below shows all data in details.

4videosoft graphic
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NOTE: The NVIDIA® CUDA™ graphic card is only supported by the NVIDIA driver, so please make sure your PC graphics driver is NVIDIA latest official driver.

Supported Graphics Card:
GeForce 100 Series

GeForce GTS 150/GT 130/GT 120/G100
GeForce GTS 160M/GTS 150M/GT 130M/G210M/G110M/G105M/G102M

GeForce 200 Series

GeForce GTX 295/GTX 285/GTX 285 for Mac/GTX 280/GTX 275/GTX 260/GTS 250/GT 240/GT 220/210
GeForce GTX 285M/GTX 280M/GTX 260M/GTS 260M/GTS 250M/GT 240M/GT 230M

GeForce 300 Series

GeForce GT 340/GT 330/GT 320/315/310
GeForce GTS 360M/GTS 350M/GT 335M/GT 330M/GT 325M/310M/305M

GeForce 400 Series

GeForce GTX 480/GTX 470/GTX 465/GTX 460
GeForce GTX 480M

GeForce 8 Series

GeForce 8800 Ultra/8800 GTX/8800 GTS/8800 GT/8800 GS/8600 GTS/8600 GT/8500 GT/8400 GS
GeForce 8800M GTS/8700M GT/8600M GT/8600M GS/8400M GT/8400M GS
GeForce 8300/8200/8100 mGPU

GeForce 9 Series

GeForce 9800 GX2/9800 GTX+/9800 GTX/9800 GT/9600 GSO/9600 GT/9500 GT/9400GT
GeForce 9800M GTX/9800M GT/9800M GTS/9800M GS/9700M GTS/9700M
GT/9650M GS/9600M GT/9600M
GS/9500M GS/9500M G/9400M G/9300M GS/9300M G/9200M GS/9100M G
GeForce 9400/9300 mGPU

Quadro Desktop Series

Quadro FX 5800/FX 5600/FX 4800/FX 4800 for Mac/FX 4700 X2/FX 4600/FX 3800/FX 3700/FX 1800/FX 1700/FX 580/FX 570/FX 470/FX 380/FX 370
Quadro CX/6000/5000/4000/NVS 450/NVS 420/NVS 295/NVS 290/Plex 7000/Plex 2100 D4/Plex 2200 D2/Plex 2100 S4/Plex 1000 Model IV

Quadro Mobile Series

Quadro FX 3800M/FX 3700M/FX 3600M/FX 2800M/FX 2700M/FX 1800M/FX 1700M/FX 1600M/FX 880M/FX 770M/FX 570M/FX 380M/FX 370M/FX 360M
Quadro 5000M/NVS 5100M/NVS 3100M/NVS 2100M/NVS 320M/NVS 160M/NVS 150M/NVS 140M/NVS 135M/NVS 130M

Plus: the GPU Acceleration will work with a minimum of 256MB of local graphics memory for GeForce series.